We are Dashi®, a Portuguese brand 🇵🇹 of pet accessories, a brand with its own style, in a perfect mix between the loving side, but at the same time rebellious.
We are a small team with great strength and dynamics and we dedicate all our effort to produce the most complete and best quality products on the market. Leashes with neoprene finishes, high security and quick locking hooks, reversible harnesses, etc ... We offer an above average quality, a security proven by the tests carried out (did you know that our hooks can handle up to 171kg of force in the largest size and 58kg of force in the smallest size?) but at a price that is not elitist. We want, as a global brand, to reach all those who identify themselves with the Dashi® spirit.
The name Dashi was the name of a dog from the founders of the brand and her name is not only a tribute to her but also a way of showing that her spirit has remained in a certain way in the brand that we created, cheerful, caring and at the same time rebellious and energetic.
We hope you enjoy and follow us along the way that we will cross, all the new products that we intend to develop and that you can find in the Dashi®  brand the style, safety and comfort that your animals deserve.
From this team, to Dashi, to you.